All You Want to About the Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage

For the owners, a car is a piece of affection. It truly represents their passion, personality. So, any compromise regarding taking care of your ride is not acceptable. And when it comes to vehicle maintenance, one of the must-have tools in your garage is an impact wrench.

From changing tires to assemble any parts or for solving any kind of nuts and bolts fastening applications, impact wrenches are essential.

Considerable fact is grabbing the best impact wrench for home garage is not enough. You have to know some more key aspects before picking this crucial tool. Likewise, what you can fasten with your impact wrench, which type of impact wrench should you buy, and many more. Let’s get you straightly dive into them.


What’s the Use of Impact Wrench?

In the automobile industry, impact wrenches are the most widely used power tool. Typically, an impact wrench is used to remove nuts and bolts to change your vehicle tires.

But the usability is not only limited to that. It is one of the prime tools for automobile repairing, assembling, and, more specifically, for DIY projects. Even in the machine tool manufacturing and construction industry, impact wrenches are vastly used.


Different Types of Impact Wrenches for DIY Works

Before getting the best impact wrench for home garage, you have to know the available type of impact wrench in the market. Having said that you are looking for an impact wrench that is primarily focused on personal projects, you would probably need any of these three – air, corded electric and cordless or battery-driven impact wrench.


Air Impact Wrench


Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage


Air or pneumatic impact wrenches are mainly powered through air compressor, which you have to get separately. In general, this sort of impact wrenches is very affordable and provides immense torque.

The nature of pneumatic impact wrench gives them an extra advantage to tackle industry-level assembly. The design and features are quite straightforward. As a result, air impact wrenches are quite user-friendly. But because of the reason, these particular impact wrenches do not come with any fancy specs too.


  • Affordable
  • Does not have overheating problems
  • Very durable


  • Allows less control over the tool
  • Need uninterrupted airflow from the compressor

Corded/Electric Impact Wrench


Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage


Among all of the impact wrench types, corded electric impact wrenches are widely accepted around the different levels of users. The reason is also quite transparent. Having the most upgraded features is the key reason for acquiring this sort of impact wrenches.

Without the features, this impact wrench also very easy to operate. You just have to connect it to any household power source, and you are ready to go.


  • Have more control options
  • Convenient compared to an air impact wrench
  • Lightweight


  • A bit more pricy
  • Overheating issues are usually


Cordless/Battery-Powered Impact Wrench

Best Cordless Battery-Powered Impact Wrench for Home Garage


Cordless impact wrenches are the toddler in the automobile industry now. The new battery technology made this possible to tackle assembling related jobs without any need for an air compressor or connecting to a power source. It’s all inside the tool.

For handling an emergency, mainly, when you are stuck in the middle of the highway with your punctured tires, there are no alternatives to cordless impact wrench. Just make sure to fully charged your tool.

If you have already settled your mind to get the best cordless impact wrench for automotive, we would recommend taking an eye on the advantages and disadvantages first.


  • Portable impact wrench
  • Easy to operate
  • Most advanced featured


  • Heavyweight due to having a battery inside
  • Limited torque


Impact Wrench vs. Impact Driver

Many people got confused and think both of the power tools are the same, but these are not. There is two prior difference between an impact wrench and impact driver. First of all, the physical difference and secondly, the purpose of each tool.

Usually, impact drivers have hex bit insert to drive in screws, where an impact wrench has a square head on it instead of the insert. In addition, impact wrench meant to be used with sockets only.

The impact wrenches have more foot-pounds of torque, and the generating torque limit is twice as much of impact driver.

Indeed, an impact driver is meant to drive in screws and lag bolts and things like that with ease. It is a lot more capable than the conventional drill. Furthermore, it’s a one-handed power tool.

Another notable difference between both impact tools is the impact mechanism that works inside them. Inside an impact driver, there is a constant hammer-drilling mechanism that generates the impact to drive in screws.

On the contrary, there is a rotational hammering action that plays the role inside an impact wrench for fastening applications.

Likewise, an impact wrench is mainly specialized to fasten lug nuts and bolts where impact drivers have versatile purposes of work.


Who Should Buy an Impact Wrench?

Whether you are a pro or solo project holder, an impact wrench is going to do a vast level of tasks that takes more time to handle via a traditional wrench.

If your projects are related to automobile maintenance, repairing, and assemble, getting an impact wrench will solve a lot of your problems. But remember, it can only tackle tasks that are related to fastening.


Who Should Buy an Impact Driver?


Where conventional, dull hammer takes more time to drive in a screw, the impact driver can do that within a moment. You should get an impact driver if you have regular hammering related jobs to do. For people like handymen, DIY enthusiasts, an impact driver is an undeniable tool.


Is There Any Difference Between RPM, IPM, And Torque?

Obviously, yes. Each of them is different but very closely related. RPM is mainly denoted to the measure of the frequency of rotation, more specifically, a measure of the frequency of the speed of the rotation. The full form of RPM is Revolutions Per Minute.

On the other hand, torque is the measure of the turning force of an object. And lastly, IPM stands for Impact Per Minute and measures the work performance of an impact gun for a particular time duration.

In the case of DC motors, RPM refers to the measurement of rotation every minute. The amount of RPM lets us know how fast an impact wrench can complete a particular fastening.

Here, torque limit or amount determines the amount of force an impact wrench can create. And similarly, IPM indicates the amount of total force that an impact wrench can generate in a single minute.


What Size of Impact Wrench Do I Need?

The size you would need is entirely depending on the project you are dealing with. In general, home garage owners prefer having 1/2 inches of impact wrenches to change automobile tires.

More specifically, if you are going to alter private cars or motorcycle tires, then having a half-inch impact is a must.

But the thing that you should remember that for larger sized of tires, you might need 3/4-inch impact wrenches. As you know, impact wrenches are specialized rather than an all-purpose tool. Therefore you would need to have other means like impact driver as well.


Detailed Review of 3 Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage

By having the personal project needs, we have listed the top 3 impact wrenches that are budget-friendly and quite performing if broader project needs arrive. Let’ take a look at them one by one.


RIDGID R86011B OCTANE Cordless 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench – Amazon Choice

Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage


RIDGID Octane tool line continues to grow, and this R86011B is the latest edition to the series. Basically, it’s the upgraded version of the base model, which also got immersive acknowledgment from the user base.

Are you dealing with versatile applications? Don’t worry because getting this RIDGID R86011B means you will have the most control over your fastening jobs. There are four adjustable speed settings in the line.

If your home garage has a little low light environment, you can still continue with your operations. Because this rigid impact wrench is equipped with a TRI-BEAM LED around the chuck. You can turn them on with a separate switch.

Unlike other impact wrenches, there is an auto mode mechanism in this powerful impact wrench. The feature enables the tool to shut it off automatically after done with fastening.

The cordless impact wrench is way more user-friendly than typical ones. When changing the bit, you just need to pull back the outlet simply. This is just that simple.

Finally, the backbone of the tool is its brushless motor, which generates an up to mark torque of 450 ft-lbs. In total, this complete package for DIY fellows is the best cordless 1/2 impact wrench 2019.

What We Liked

  • Auto turn on/off system
  • Perfect for heavy-duty jobs
  • Very efficient in price
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Durable engineering

What We didn’t Like

  • Only tool, no battery included
  • No valid warranty available


Toolman DB2601 Electric Impact Wrench – For Heavy Duty

Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage


If you are not an enthusiast of a cordless impact wrench and want to get your tool from a leading brand in the industry, getting this Toolman DB2601 would be a better deal.

With a bunch of components and exceptional performance, this electric power tool is the best Impact wrench for car.

Performance-wise, it can deliver up to 3200 RPM with minimum vibration. As a result, your hands are free from fatigue issues.

Since all of the components are made of durable material, the impact wrench is seemed to be irresistible after heavy usage. Nonetheless, this tool is free from the overheating problem also.

On the other hand, the rugged case the impact wrench is covered with is equally durable to save the unit from damage while playing at max torque.

Generating up to 350 ft-lbs torque is just as simple as a twig. So, if big projects are waiting in your garage, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Another useful aspect of this power tool is all the compatible and necessary sockets are coming inside the package. Also, there is an ideal sized tool bag to store the unit after use. Overall, this is the best-corded impact wrench.

What We Liked

  • Durable case protection
  • Four pieces of the socket
  • Powerful motor for maximum torque output
  • Comparably silent while operating
  • Handy and lightweight design

What We didn’t Like

  • No matric sockets available
  • No cord included

ACDELCO ARI12104 Power Impact Wrench Cordless – G12 Series


Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage

Finally, it’s time to introduce you to our last contender of the day. ACDELCO ARI12104 3/4 inch is preferable for them who don’t require massive level torque but want to tackle simple tasks.

The lithium-ion battery-powered best cordless impact wrench can deliver up to 90 ft-lbs of torque in a raw, which is good enough to tackle your small projects.

Its 0 to 2400 RPM range with up to 3100 impacts per minute makes it one of the best power tools to handle DIY fastenings.

Also, there is a responsive variable speed controller switch. Not only that, but the controller switch also has a reversible control.

The ARI12104 cordless impact wrench stands out of the box in case of design as well. Its ergonomic and compact design structure feels very handy at the time of working. With its 1.98 lbs. of weight, this little guy becomes one of the lightest impact wrenches so far.

On the contrary, while working in a tight space, this impact wrench seemed to be very helpful. And to make your working experience easier in low light, this cordless impact wrench has a built-in LED light.

What We Liked

  • Backed with one year of warranty
  • Battery and charger included
  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Noise-free performance

What We didn’t Like

  • Can’t handle big projects
  • Not like a snap-on user experience


Final Verdict

We always try to not only recommend products but also share any information regarding the tool you would want to know before and after purchase. Unlike other reviews, this in-depth study of the best impact wrench for home garage is going to solve a bunch of your problems.

So far, we have shrunk the list of hundreds into three impact wrenches only so that you can just read and get. No confusion, no hassle. We are waiting to hear about your experience with the new tool. Great wishes.