3 Market Leading Best Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

What would you do if you find your vehicle’s tires replacement? “I would call the nearest automobile mechanic”- it’s the universal answer that we got from everyone.

But you can’t imagine how much money you can save if you only have a simple electric impact wrench. It also allows you to spend a closer time with your vehicle.

So, if you want to start a thorough inspection of your vehicle tires and change the tire by yourself, getting an electric impact wrench is the best way to go.  But then again, there are thousands of this sort of power tools available in the market. The number is enough to give you a panic attack.

Therefore, we are going to solve your hassle of searching the best electric impact wrench for changing tires. Without the very shortlisted recommendations, we will also let you know some surprising information regarding impact wrench that will enrich your knowledge.


Why You Need an Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires?

Vehicles are one of those favorite assets that we have affection, an indescribable connection. Therefore, you might not want to leave the maintenance responsibility of a service provider. Besides, who wants to spend more when he can save more, right?

An electric impact wrench is so far the most used tool for automobile maintenance. Nonetheless, it is considered as one of the best tools for changing tires.

Thanks to the dominating technology of this century, that made this possible getting the most out of this powerful tool. Unlike traditional torque wrench, this electric-driven impact wrench will not only save your time but also, it will run your operations smoothly.

If taking more specifically, you don’t have to buy an air compressor to drive this power tool like air impact wrenches. Therefore, electric impact wrenches are going to save your money without compromising performance.

Whether you are in the garage or stuck in the middle of the highway, an electric impact wrench is a way to solve all problems. What can be more beneficial than this?


Detailed Review of 3 Best Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

The below three electric impact wrenches are manufactured by the best market leaders of the automobile industry. So, you will get the best value and opportunity at the same time. After cramming hundreds of listed impact wrenches by different sellers, we found these very reasonable in price and the best performer so far.

1.  Milwaukee 9070-20 Electric Impact Wrench – Cheapest Impact Wrench

Best Cheapest Electric Impact Wrench

The first electric impact wrench we got in mind when starting this review is the Milwaukee 9070-20. Indeed, there are more values than you are paying for the power tool.

With its efficient 7-amp motor, you can get 1800 impact per minute, which is rear in this price class. For instance, the electric impact wrench can deliver up to 300 ft-lbs. And that is enough to fasten almost any type of automobile tire.

Slipping sockets from the nuts is a common incident that happens in a while torquing. To avoid that problem, this Milwaukee 9070-20 has a pin-detent system. It helps the unit to retain the socket securely, no matter how much torque you are using.

There is also a rocker switch equipped on the body to change direction between clockwise and counterclockwise.

The only drawback that people criticized Milwaukee corded impact wrench is it’s made in China. But still, the performance is nearly equal to a DeWalt impact wrench.

What We Liked

  • Tremendous performance
  • Outstanding durability
  • Very much user-friendly
  • Not so hefty
  • Price-efficient

What We didn’t Like

  • Makes a lot of noise
  • It takes more time to get jobs done

Our Ratings



2.  DEWALT DW293 Electric Impact Wrench – For Faster Torque

Best Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

DEWALT DW293 corded impact wrench might be a useful alternative power tool for the best cordless impact wrench for automotive. It’s because of the reasonable price and the performance level it’s offered with.

The fundamental appealing of this convenient power pack is its 7.5-amp motor with hog ring anvil. With the combination, it can deliver faster fastening results. Also, the backbone of this unit allows it to offer up to 2100 RPM of no-load speed. Nonetheless, it can generate up to 2700 impact per minute.

When you want to change the rotational direction, simply switch between forward and reverse with the AC/DC rocker switch.

Using it for the first time will make you fall in love with this tool for its adaptable weight of seven pounds. Admittedly, this Mexican beast is one of the lightest electric impact wrenches in the market.

On the contrary, this half-inch impact wrench has a dimension of 10.9 * 13.1 * 4.9 inches with a longer head. And undeniably, that’s a plus while you want it to hop into a narrower place.

What We Liked

  • Very lightweight
  • Super-speedy performance
  • Fits great in narrower places also
  • Comes at reasonable price
  • Easy to change directions

What We didn’t Like

  • Torque limit is little low
  • A bit of noisy

Our Ratings



3.  CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Electric Impact Wrench – Editor’s Choice

Best CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

We just come across to your favorite part of the review, where we disclosed the editor’s pick, which is based on our expert’s opinion. Not only the best performance here, but we also try to show you the best deal overall. And today, this CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 got this title.

Just like the raw, this 1/2-inch corded impact wrench also consisted of a 7.5-amp motor. With the equipped hog ring anvil, you can change sockets with no trouble between the workflow.

You supposed to see the deal-breaker here. And this one is really that of a kind when we are comparing torque power with the above two. The corded impact wrench can deliver a significant amount of torque, which is up to 450 ft-lbs.

With its 2,700 impacts per minute, you can be done with your fastening applications within a moment. Also, this automobile tool can deliver up to 2,200 RPMs so far.

If talking about its user-friendliness, this impact wrench is also up to the mark. The rubberized handle reduces fatigue issues. And for more comfortable using experience, it has a straight-forward speed trigger that allows you to control the torque limit.

What We Liked

  • Backed by three years of warranty
  • Well-crafted and engineered
  • Greater torque limit
  • Not so expensive
  • For both beginners and professionals

What We didn’t Like

  • No attachments in the box
  • Big and heavy

Our Ratings



What Size Impact Wrench to Change Tires?

There are different sizes of the electric impact wrenches available in the market. Each of them has its own purpose for usability. But not all of them are the best suit for changing tires.

In general, half-inches electric corded impact wrench are the most preferable for changing tires of private cars. If you have a big truck, then going forward for 3/4 inches of impact wrench would be a wise choice.


Is There Any Difference between Corded Impact Wrench and Cordless Impact Wrench?

Indeed, both of the impact wrenches are electricity-driven. The prime difference is corded impact wrenches are driven through your household electricity. On the other hand, cordless impact wrenches get energy via a battery that is stored inside the tool.

Without that, corded impact wrenches are pretty lightweight and compact. But cordless impact wrench usually comes with bulky weight. It is needless to say that the reason is the battery.


Best Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires


In any sense, there is nothing portable as cordless impact wrenches. But since the power source is a limited powered battery, you might not feel a massive power while playing with a cordless impact wrench.

Fortunately, you are not going to face any performance compromise regarding corded impact wrench.


How to Maintain Your Electric Impact Wrench?

After getting this sort of power tool, many of the people, including professionals, also make some common mistakes regarding maintenance. As a result, an impact wrench could not survive the race of work, and people blame the manufacturers. By following these simple strategies, you can increase the durability of this power tool.

Avoid Using Incorrect Sockets

Yes, this is the answer to many curiosity. You should not use external or third-party sockets on your impact wrench. It will damage the socket retention system and creates complexities while connecting the default one.


Inspect Frequently

It’s is natural that after a while of uses, some parts or attachments of the impact wrench show damage signs. It might be the cord, sockets, bits, and even it can be the switch. Fortunately, each of them has available servicing options. You just have to bring it to the service center at the primary stage of any problem because the power tool may result in a notable incident from a single defect.


Cleaning Often

Not all of the electric impact wrenches come with water-protection. Therefore, avoid your tool to get wet. Any shock-circuit related problem caused by water may damage your impact wrench permanently. Besides, make sure to clean the oil, debris, and dirt after every use.


Don’t Apply Excessive Torque


Best Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires


You might wonder, why not? Indeed, every impact tool comes with a maximum power limit. But if you are consistently using it on max power level, the motor will be affected soon. It’s the nature of any electrical power tool.


Final Verdict

We have tried to shrink the enormous market options in a countable number with this review. The in-depth knowledge you have grabbed here would help you to not only pick the best electric impact wrench for changing tires but also would take care of after purchase matters.

Definitely, you are going to find this review quite helpful in the future if you have decided to try your first or next electric impact wrench. Whatever the chronology is, we have great wishes for you. Don’t forget to share your tire changing experience in the comment section. Take care.