Everything You Want to Know About How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench

It seems like you just got the preferable power-tool to start with your DIY projects. So, congrats!

But the main game begins here because most of the newbies ruin their awaited projects because of not knowing how to use the impact wrench. And we don’t want you to be one of them.


How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench


Since you are here, it is obvious that you are super excited about learning how to use an electric impact wrench like a pro. We appreciate your enthusiasm. And just like always, we got some helpful thought to share with you that will enrich your mechanical talent to the next level.

Before jumping into the instruction, we would like to have your attention in some essential sections first. So, are you ready to dive in?


Air vs. Corded vs. Cordless Electric Wrench

If you don’t know, there are, in general, three types of impact wrench popular in the industry – air, corded, and cordless impact wrench. All of them have their persona to complete operation with speedier actions than a conventional wrench.

How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench

Air Impact Wrench:

Between all of the impact wrenches, air-powered impact wrenches are the most dominating type when it comes to torque limits. Air impact guns, which is are also known as pneumatic torque wrenches, are torque multipliers that get the power through air motors.

In an air impact wrench, there is a reaction device at the end of the body that absorbs the torque it produces. The process makes it easier to operate and requires less effort than conventional wrenches.

In general, air impact wrenches come at a reasonable price with all impact wrench attachments, but you have to spend a big buck on the air compressor. Besides, you would require a big space as well to store the unit. And that’s why it’s not a suitable impact wrench to DIY workers.


Corded Electric Impact Wrench:

Most of the beginners in the field get confused between corded and cordless electric wrench. Indeed, both of them are electric-driven. But the corded ones are powered through a cable, which is must be connected to an electrical board or power source.

Electric impact wrenches are well-known for providing the most accurate torque. As a result, there is less risk of damaging lug nuts.


Cordless Electric or Battery-driven Impact Wrench:

On the contrary, cordless impact wrenches are powered via batteries. There is a motor inside that builds up rotational energy via the batteries. It drives the force into an anvil, which is placed at the ending part of the impact wrench.

The nature of a cordless impact wrench makes it user-friendly because of the portability. You can carry the tool wherever you want.

Although the battery-driven cordless impact wrenches are more comfortable to operate than all but these are not coming up with the max level of performance. Nevertheless, you have to purchase spare batteries whenever the stock ones are dead. So, it’s a consistent cost that you have to bear.


How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench on Lug Nuts?

Well, now you are not going to mess with the different types of impact wrenches because you know each of them very specifically. Now, it’s time to complete your knowledge about the right ways of using an electric impact wrench.


Step 1: Reading Manual

It is always recommended to have a glance at the instruction manual of the power tool before starting because some models may have different specs regarding the application.


Step 2: Safety Comes First

Putting on safety gloves and glasses is a wise decision. As a newbie, you might slip the impact wrench when you are operating at a high load speed. Although the maximum of the electric impact wrench comes with the safety measurements that users need during operations.


Step 3: Picking Right Socket

Usually, the fastener you are going to use is supposed to come with the necessary sockets. Remember, each of the sockets is different in size to use it on various applications. From the set of sockets, you have to pick the correct one for the particular job you want to be done.

What you just need to do is press the socket with a bit onto the square drive so that it keeps itself connected while running your operation.

Since it’s an electric-driven tool, you must be careful while connecting a socket. Make sure to eject the main device from the power source.


How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench

Step 4: Selecting Torque Speed

It’s an optional step that you may need to set up before operating an electric impact wrench. Some impact wrenches come with this feature on the body, which allows the operator to control and view the torque-speed.

The feature is quite helpful for newcomers because they usually damage the thread. Don’t get confused if your electric impact wrench doesn’t come with speed dialer.


Step 5: Losing Nuts

Now, you are ready to fire your impact gun, right? So, if you are going to lose nuts, you must drive the tool in the reverse direction. There is a trigger or switch to change the direction depending on the type of electric impact wrench you have.

Then, connect the impact wrench over the nut and hold the trigger to start loosening. You should apply a small burst when pressing the trigger or switch. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the nuts.

At the time of loosening, apply a firm grip on the power tool so that you can avoid slipping issues once you figure out that the nut is loosened enough, use your hand to remove the bolt.


Step 6: Tightening Nut

You have done a great job and completed the initial stage of removing lug nuts with an electric impact wrench. And after cleaning the nuts and bolts, right now, you are ready to put it back on the place, which is almost as simple as loosening.

At first, install the nuts and bolt in the right place. Afterward, again, you want to put the socket over the nut. But now, you have to start the machine clockwise. To do that, you should change the rotation to forward direction.

Finally, pull the trigger in 2-3 little burst, and when the nut stops spinning, put the socket out, and you are done. Don’t forget to plug it off after every use.

Certainly, that is all about how to use an electric impact wrench. If you have followed each of the steps carefully, there is nothing easier than playing with this sort of power tool.


Why You Need an Electric Impact Wrench?

Is the electric impact wrenches are the best? Well, it is, according to some fellow experts. And the reason behind their appraisal is more than one.

  • As we have discussed earlier, electric impact wrenches are the most widely used power tool in the automobile industry. In a maximum daily task in the life of a workshop owner, you will find the presence of an electric impact wrench.
  • Not only for professionals, but this powerful impact gun is also crucial for DIY workers. It is because an electric impact gun can tackle any type of fastening applications swiftly.
  • If talking more about ability, indeed, electric impact wrenches are not as powerful as an air impact wrench. But the electrical impact wrenches are not that much of compromise that is at all.
  • For instance, you have to buy an air compressor to power an air impact wrench where there is no need for that in case of an electric impact wrench. Nevertheless, you can just connect it through the cord with any of your household power sources.
  • You can operate an electric impact wrench from 110-volts to 220 volts. Not only that, but a corded electric impact wrench can also manage up to 253 volts.
  • Some electric wrenches are coming with a waterproof body to make it safe from electrical shock. You can even find some of the best electric impact wrenches that have overload and overheat safety as well.

How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench


Therefore, in any sense, an electric impact wrench is the best mate compare to price vs. performance and all.


Major Drawbacks of Electric Impact Wrench

After all of the persona that an electric impact wrench has yet, to some people, it is not the best tool for their projects. So, we could not ignore completely, neither you should.

  • Electric impact wrenches are more expensive than others due to their rich features.
  • You are limited to maneuver with the size of the power cord. Therefore, if you want to switch between workstation, which is common in this sort of work, you have to plug it in a new, reachable power source.
  • Many manufacturers are trying to solve the overheating issue of the electric impact wrench. But still, it’s a problem you might find in every power tool either earlier or after a while of use.

How to Use an Electric Impact Wrench


Final Verdict

Still wondering, are impact wrench worth it? You should not. Because if you are still reading, there is no doubt you are going to utilize your electric impact wrench more than anyone. The above theories regarding how to use an electric impact wrench weren’t only about operating the tool but also about using it safely and in the right order.

It’s time to rock on with your favorite tool in the garage. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share every flash of the experience. Take care.